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SFI uses CAD (AutoCAD, SolidWorks) to efficiently and precisely design your fittings. SFI leverages precision press fit of all assemblies prior to brazing, and encompasses copper brazing expertise.

SFI also has access to any of the worldwide thread standards in its engineering library, and follows SAE, JIC, NPT and BSP thread standards.

SFI can work with you from an assembly of standard fittings to a hand drawn sketch. Whatever your need is, SFI is here to help (see Fitting Design).

With customer input during the design stages, SFI can produce fittings with incorporated Pressure Operated Check Valves or Flow Restrict ors for single or double acting applications.

Free flow can be provided in one direction and restricted flow in the other or be restricted in both directions.

Testing and design approval by the customer is required for all special design valves prior to production.

Precision press fit of all assemblies prior to brazing plus Copper brazing expertise

Facility SFI facilities include the following:

·CAD Design
·CNC milling and turning
·Hydraulic presses for fitting assembly prior to copper brazing

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